Move To Beat Parkinson 2018

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Parkinson Society Singapore is a Charity Staff of the beneficiary.

Parkinson is the second most common neurodegenerative disease affecting 3 out of every 1000 people aged 50 and above. Parkinson Society Singapore is Singapore's first community-based Parkinson Centre providing  people with Parkinson (PwP) and their caregivers with the much needed support beyond those provided in hospitals. It is our mission to promote awareness and understanding of Parkinson and support PwP holistically in their journey with Parkinson.

Move to Beat Parkinson is our annual  event to help raise awareness on Parkinson and to encourage Parkinson patients to exercise so that they can better manage their Parkinson condition and lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives.  As movement is key to staying active for PwP, the programme will include various movements and activities that are beneficial to PwP in improving their physical wellness and quality of life.  Adopting an active lifestyle and having regular exercise are essential in promoting and maintaining functions of individuals, enabling one to remain strong and flexible to maintain balance and prevent falls.  We encourage all Parkinson patients, their caregivers, family members as well as the public  to join us in this event to understand better what Parkinson is all about and to learn how to cope with the Parkinson condition.  

From one our Parkinson members:  " Exercise has increased my physical mobility.  I now dedicate time for exercise instead of just concentrating on my work. I keep myself active....over time, this exercise regime has also helped reduce my feelings of fatigue."

People with Parkinson, get up and move to beat Parkinson!

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